May 21, 2024


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Understanding The Law Surrounding Construction

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Your Guide to the Construction Law Process in Australia

One of the largest sectors of society which has seen a number of changes in the law is construction. In the past, this has been one of the work sectors with the lowest number of regulations. However, this has begun to change in recent years to protect construction workers, employers, and the general public. If you own a construction business, you will need to keep these changing laws in mind if you want to run a successful enterprise. Here are 4 construction laws that you need to keep in mind if you want to start or keep running a successful construction business. 

On-Site Accreditations 

In the past, many construction workers were able to get a blue or gold CSCS card through testimony and picture evidence. This meant that in order to prove that they could do their occupational role, they would collect evidence from their jobs and ask their previous employers to provide testimony. Once this was accepted, they could get their on-site card and be able to work. However, with the ending of grandfather rights, construction workers will now need an NVQ, SVQ or equivalent qualification that demonstrates their skills. If your workers are not prepared for this change, they could find it more difficult to carry on their work. 

Qualifications and Upskilling

Ensuring that your workers have the resources and support that are necessary to complete these qualifications and get their appropriate CSCS card is incredibly important. If you run a construction business, you could lose a lot of money if your staff aren’t able to work and renew their CSCS card. You may also be entitled to financial help to cover the cost of your worker’s construction NVQs, depending on your location, so you should make sure to check training providers nearby. You should also make sure that your staff have the right educational support to help complete the NVQ. 

Health and Safety

In order to work on site legally in the UK, every worker including labourers must complete a basic Health and Safety assessment to ensure that people are safe on the building site. There are many potential hazards on a building site, and it’s important to make sure that your workers are able to navigate and avoid these dangers where possible. However, you can also encourage health and safety on site by making sure that no one is putting others at risk and adhering to the guidance. 

Green Economy

One of the biggest changes for the construction industry is the amount of companies that will have to get on board with sustainable construction, and preparing your staff for this is essential to keeping your business moving. For example, businesses may have to do so many sustainable contracts to be able to expand and take their company to the next level. Doing your research into the sustainable economy and investing in green skills training for your staff is essential if you want to get a good understanding of construction law and expand your company. 

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