February 29, 2024


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Key Practice Areas of a Quality Criminal Defense Attorney

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When choosing between Fairfax lawyers for criminal defense, you probably want the best. A diverse portfolio can be an indicator of a quality attorney. You likely need someone with experience in a variety of criminal defense tactics. You may be searching for a lawyer who is willing to answer several questions. What area of criminal defense do you need? How responsive do you want your lawyer to be?

Juvenile Criminal Defense

Most parents don’t want to see their child imprisoned, and most seek out a qualified attorney for a child’s defense. Many parents look for an attorney that can handle anything from school delinquency to assault and battery charges. A wide array of experience can be a good indicator of an attorney’s capability. Parents also tend to desire an attorney with compassion who will fight for their child.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal crimes tend to be extremely serious and often require a skilled attorney to protect a defendant. Whether you are facing charges of tax fraud, selling illegal firearms or another federal felony, your defense can make or break your case. A federal criminal defense attorney may be your saving grace from saying something that could have compromised you in court.

Reckless Driving and DUI Defense

Many people don’t know their rights when accused of drunk driving, and a lawyer who is willing to explain this can be invaluable to you. Most good attorneys will be willing to properly educate you on your rights regarding a wide variety of traffic-related offenses.

A compassionate, experienced and patient attorney can be the key to your victory in court. When you have someone with a quality record on your side, you may improve you or your child’s chances of walking freely out of the courthouse. Know your rights and options when choosing a criminal defense lawyer.

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