April 16, 2024


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When do You Need a Lawyer for Accidental Injury?

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Accidents and injuries occur all the time. There are slips and falls, car accidents, workplace injuries, and any number of other causes. Many of these cases won’t result in even a hospital visit, let alone a court case, but some are more severe. After you or a loved one has been injured, then, when is it time to call in legal counsel?

When the injury is severe

No matter what the cause or type of injury, if the injury was severe, you should consider getting a lawyer to represent your case. A lawyer can investigate the cause of the injury, as well as things that could have prevented the injury, and may be able to get your family the money you need for proper medical care. Head injuries are one of the most common type of severe injury, but this category also includes any form of paralysis and any injury that causes you or your loved one to miss extensive periods of work.


When you aren’t at fault

If you are involved in an accident that was not your fault, you are more than likely entitled to assistance with things such as medical bills and lost wages. Two of the most common examples of this are car accidents and slip and falls due to another person’s negligence. When the accident is legally blamed on another person, you should not be responsible for the financial fallout. In fact, individuals in this situation often receive compensation for the emotional difficulties of the injury, as well. However, receiving the full compensation that you deserve, particularly if the injury was severe or had severe repercussions, often requires legal aid.


When you are only partially at fault

Especially when it comes to car accidents, many governments issue notices of fault. In some places, the fault for the accident may not be put on one party, but split between two parties. However, if you are legally partially at fault for your accident, you are still likely entitled to financial compensation. This is particularly true if you are legally shouldering only a small part of the blame for the accident. But, because of the partial fault decision, the other party’s lawyer may attempt to have the other party removed from responsibility for compensation. Because of the added complexities of partial fault, legal counsel is highly recommended. A lawyer, particularly a lawyer who specializes in this type of case, can ensure that you receive the compensation you need to continue your life and your career.


When medical bills are not being covered

Regardless of the other circumstances of your case, if your medical bills are not being covered and you believe they should be, then you should begin looking for legal representation. Injury law is complex and, especially when you are already dealing with an injury, the added stress of self-representation can quickly become overwhelming. For your own peace of mind, as well as to ensure you receive the best possible legal care, an injury law is highly recommended.

Despite your circumstances, a legal representative can make you feel more at ease with your situation, and allow you and your family to focus on recovering from the physical and emotional impact of the injury.

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