April 14, 2024


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What to Know about Filing a Lawsuit in North Carolina Because of an Auto Accident

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A great number of people are injured or perish in a motor vehicle accident every day across the United States. The results of these accidents are that a lot of the injured parties end up filing a personal injury lawsuit. This is especially the case when the insurance companies involved do not want to cooperate. Thus, the injured parties must seek other means to get compensated for their losses due to the accident. North Carolina has its own share of motor vehicle accidents. When these accidents occur, it would behoove the victim in the accident to seek an attorney who can explain the complexities of North Carolina’s stance on automobile accidents.

The party in the accident who was injured will want to file a claim with the insurance companies, of course. Meanwhile, the statute of limitations needs to be kept in mind. In North Carolina, the party has three years from the date of the crash to file a lawsuit in a North Carolina civil court. If the case is not filed in that time frame, any opportunity to receive damages from a lawsuit will be gone.

The party in the accident also needs to keep in mind that North Carolina employs the contributory negligence rule. This rule is very unforgiving in that if the opposing party can prove that the victim was any part responsible for the accident, nothing can be recovered in the way of damages. This means that even if the victim is found to be one percent at fault, he or she can collect absolutely nothing. This would be tough if it played out as such. That’s why the victim needs to secure an attorney as soon as possible.

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