December 7, 2023


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What to Know About an E1 Visa

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It can be difficult to fully understand all the differences between a visa and a green card, especially when you need to find one for yourself. That’s why it’s important to fully research all of your options before choosing one route or the other. 

The Difference Between a Visa and Green Card

Visas and green cards are both used to stay in the United States legally, despite being from another country. The key difference, however, is that a visa is obtained before you are to enter the United States. There are also different kinds of visas that are available. However, the different types of visas can fall under two categories; immigrant and non-immigrant visas. A non-immigrant visa is used for a temporary visit, while an immigrant visa would be used to permanently resettle in the country.

What is an E1 Visa?

The E1 Visa is a specific type of work visa, which allows you to enter the United States if you’re working in some kind of trade. It also allows you to travel freely in the country and bring your family with you. The E1 Visa is considered an immigrant visa. 

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