April 16, 2024


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What to Do Following a Taxi Accident in Vegas

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Millions of people spend time in Las Vegas every year whether it’s for pleasure or business, and some of them are fortunate enough to leave Sin City with a little more than they came with. Other people aren’t so fortunate, but they still have a good time. When someone visiting the city is so unfortunate they are involved in a taxi accident, they’re going to have more questions than answers. They’re also going to want to know what they should do following a taxi cab accident. There is a list of things people should do if they are involved in a taxi accident, and missing a step is dangerous.

Contact the Police

Believe it or not, some people forgo calling the police because they are worried they might be in trouble if they’ve been drinking. If someone is a passenger in a taxi when an accident occurs, there is no reason to feel this way. The person driving should be the person sober, and cab passengers have nothing to worry about. The police must be called, even if the driver decides not to stop for the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

No one should walk away from any accident without at least calling the doctor to make an appointment in the first 24-hours following an accident. Even when injuries are not visible, they can be present and very dangerous. Internal bleeding and other injuries are not always easy to feel at first, but they can become far more serious before they’re finally noticed. See a doctor right away to determine whether there are any injuries you might not feel or see to help minimize the risk of further damage and health issues.

Call an Attorney

Call a taxi cab accident attorney in Las Vegas. Even if the victim is not filing a lawsuit for personal injury reasons, an attorney is here to help accident victims understand their rights. Since many people in taxis in Vegas don’t live in the city, they might not be familiar with state laws. This is when an attorney is most useful in addition to helping victims understand paperwork and items handed to them by insurance companies and doctors.

The law is not always easily understandable when it’s not something people are overly familiar with, which is why attorneys are here to help people figure out what they should do, what they are required by law to do, and what they’re not required to do.
Calling an accident attorney in Las Vegas is a good idea if a taxi accident occurs in which someone is injured. Medical bills can pile up quickly, and some people are injured badly enough to miss work and lose a portion of their income. Call an attorney and find out what rights people have when they are the victim of a taxi cab accident. It doesn’t matter if the victim was in the taxi at the time of the accident or the taxi hit their car when they were traveling through Vegas.

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