April 21, 2024


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What Constitutes a Breach of Contract?

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In the past, people would strike a deal and shake hands to seal it. The word of the parties was their bond – something that made the agreement unbreakable. As times have changed, so have the ways people come to agreements and keep them. Contracts are often executed to make an agreement legal. What happens when that contract terms are not upheld by one party or the other?

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract means someone has not followed through with an aspect of the agreement. This can come at any stage of the arrangement and can cause legal problems for the entire project. For example, if an athlete enters into a contract for employment with a sports team, and the terms of the contract call for the athlete to do four photo shoots, if the athlete refuses, they are considered to be in breach. A contract litigation lawyer in tampa may help guide you through the breach process further.

Repercussions of a Breach

If a contract is broken in some way, there are steps the parties can take to fix it. The contract itself may contain the remediation steps should a breach occur. Sometimes these include the choice to get back together to modify the agreement, accept the violation and continue with the rest of the terms or a complete voiding of the contract.

Costs of a Breach

Taking the time to draft an agreement only to have it shattered can be disheartening and expensive. Keep in mind either party can break a contract, and the outcome for all can be costly in many ways. If you have a deal to get goods or services, and can’t due to a breach, the rest of your business may suffer. A breach can cause a ripple effect. A contract litigation lawyer in Tampa may be able to help recoup some of what you lost.

Many times the parties to a contract perform as they should. However, when things don’t go quite right, you want to be informed as to your options for remedy.

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