What Are The Main Grounds For Divorce?

Not all marriages end in death. Some people divorce even two years into marriage. And while there are many reasons for one to divorce, it all boils down to what a judge or the court will consider as grounds for divorce. You will need to provide solid reasons as to why the marriage cannot continue. Those reasons need to be within legally defined categories. Here are some of the main grounds for divorce.


One of the main reasons couples divorce is because of adultery. When one goes outside the marriage for physical and sexual needs, it can doom a relationship. Adultery contributes to more than 20% of divorces. There are many reasons people cheat, including lack of communication and financial pressures. Most of the time, infidelity will start as an innocent friendship that grows to be a physical and emotional affair.

Physical And Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse involves constantly giving a partner the cold shoulder, verbal abuse, gaslighting, and rejection. When your emotional needs are not being met, you will end up feeling alone. At one point, it will only lead to resentment. On the other hand, physical abuse is worse as it often leads to severe injuries and death in some cases. This is enough reason for the court to grant you a divorce. If your partner is emotionally or physically abusing you, talk to a divorce attorney. You will get legal counsel on how to proceed with the situation. A lawyer will also address issues like child custody, asset division, and alimony.

Financial Recklessness

Another ground for divorce is financial recklessness. It is important to marry someone you are financially compatible with. That is someone who you agree with on how to handle family finances. When you are not on the same page on the issue, it often leads to frustrations. If your partner gambles irresponsibly to the point of losing your matrimonial home, the court can grant you divorce.


Desertion happens when one partner leaves the marriage and family home without informing the other partner. The difference between desertion and separation is that, in this case, one person does it without the consent of the other. Desertion is grounds for divorce in most states. The abandonment must have happened for an extended period of time. Although the length varies according to different state laws, it often starts from one year. Also, the desertion period needs to be continuous without any interruptions.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction

The court can also grant you a divorce when your partner is an addict. There are many dangers that come with staying with an addict. For starters, most addicts are hardly emotionally and physically available. This can leave the other partner feeling neglected. There is also the possibility of such people being abusive, not to mention they can also be a danger to kids. If your partner is refusing to get help, including medical treatment, you can talk to an attorney to help you file for divorce.


While it may seem insensitive, impotence is a legal reason for divorce in most states. Intimacy is a major aspect of marriage. And when one partner is not able to satisfy the other, it will lead to discontent. It can be particularly hard for people that want to have a child with their partners, but now they cannot.

Divorce is never easy, especially when it is not consensual. That is why you should hire a divorce attorney to help you out. You need someone experienced in such matters to be able to prove to the court that you have solid reasons for the divorce. You will also need someone to tell you what to do so as not to make mistakes that can compromise your case.