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Video Search Engine Optimization Best Practice

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Search engine optimization houston seo experts  have become wider with the growing demands of the industry. Everyone wants his web site to top the Google list or any other top search engines (SE’s). Video optimization is the latest means to represent your brand, your services and your products online. Instead of printed matter and colorful depiction, short videos of the businesses are uploaded to the SE’s to offer a better and practical insight to the viewers. Web site owners and online marketers are finding this to be the best means of exploiting the target segments.

Online videos have surpassed user-generated content, which was the only means of expressing yourself on your site. It is now the most preferred means of every organization to drive more traffic to their website. The same content, which used to be displayed in black and white is now displayed in motion in the form of videos. You will see both long and short videos online with professional content in them.

What is Video Search Engine Optimization?

There are several search engines like Google, Blinkx, ixquick and Trooker that feature the video content of its users. Now the question is how to get your video to top the ranking list of these search engines? The answer is- video search engine optimization. Uploading a video describing your business is just a matter of a few minutes, but how you get people to view them is the main challenge. Video search engine optimization answers all your queries about how to get on the top of the search list. The brands and marketing companies looking for considerable traffic into their sites can rely upon video SEO for safe publicity online. While making a video to be uploaded on to the search engine, there are a few aspects and best practices, which contribute to successful positioning. Let us look at them.

Video Search Engine Optimization Best Practice

1. Content used: Whether it is a plain content on a web site or the content of a video, it has to contain the appropriate keywords and the content related to it. The words spoken or narrated should be clear enough for the target audience to comprehend. Make the clips short and crisp with matter clear enough for the viewers to understand. For better understanding, use appropriate clippings, pictures, visuals and audio in the video. The baseline is- focus on the viewers, not on the search engines.

2.Including Social Networking Media: When you present the content in videos, make sure that your site is interactive and not monotonous. Let the viewers also post their comments, share their views and write remarks and observations about your site. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be tagged to your sites for the visitors to avail the maximum benefits of the video SEO. Every site gives you an option of linking it to your website. All you need to do is just a couple of clicks and your site is linked to the networking sites. Using these sites, you can ask your employees to keep the users aware of the new changes and additions in the company. Secondly, post as many blogs as you can to create awareness among the public about your products. These would bring them to your site where they can watch the videos, which can contribute to creating leads and sales. Make the site visit an enjoyable and memorable experience for the audience and not a forceful waste of time.

3. Video Feeds: When you have created a video, create a suitable feed for the users to access it. RSS and mRSS are the two types of video feeds. RSS is an interactive feature, which allows the subscriber to update and post notifications. This type of feed includes components such as URL to content, Metadata and thumbnails, which can make a difference in the search engine rankings. On the other hand, mRSS feeds allow you to upload the videos directly onto the search engine sites. The video search engine sites, which accept RSS and mRSS feeds have different requirements which have to be followed.

4. Linking the Video: Whether it is simple content posted on your web site or content in motion (videos) to secure top rankings on the video search engines, you need to have the matter in the right structure. The viewers who are impressed with the content will obviously want to link it to their sites, which have quality content. To create inbound links, encourage the readers to link the site to the major social networking sites. Leave an option – embed video, which will allow the users to link your site to the media sites or their personal sites.

Apart from these mega features, try to focus on using Header Tags for the videos based on their category and friendly URL to make your videos easy to find on the Internet.

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