May 18, 2024


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Tricky Interview Questions for Confidential Secretary Applicants

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For secretarial jobs or office assistant jobs there is required a level of awareness and ability to keep a secret. Applicants for secretarial posts should have a flare for organization and execution.

If you intend pursuing a career as a secretary, office assistant or Personal Assistant to CEOs there are vital questions you should expect in interviews. The better prepared you are to answer these questions the better your chances of getting a good job.

* What Office Equipment Are You Able to Use?
If you are going to be a secretary or office assistant you definitely will be coming in contact with several office machines and equipment. Your potential employers will want to now how good you are with computers, printers, photocopiers and the rest. Your knowledge should not be restricted to only usage but also to maintenance as well. You should be able to convince the interviewer of your knowledge in this regard.

* Are You Capable of Travelling With a Manager or an Executive of the Company?
As a secretary most companies will require that you travel with a manager for meetings and conferences. Travelling should be one of your likes in order to be in strong position for the job.

* How Do You Work With Confidential Information?
The hallmark of secretarial work is the ability to work in confidence for your employer, never divulging sensitive and even not too sensitive office information. You should be willing to keep secrets and also convince the interviewer that you can keep one.

* How Good Are You in Communication?
Your written and spoken communication abilities will be tested. Both are very essential for secretaries. Answering and making phone calls require that you have very good speaking ability. Likewise you will be required to write letters and reply to memorandums on behalf of your boss. Samples of your written work may be required in some cases.

* How Do You Intend to Keep the Office in Good Condition
As the office assistant or secretary you would be expected to arrange equipment and files in very good order. Your organizational skills will be tested.

* How Good Are You With Typing Work
If possible on a scale of ten your interviewer will want to know your level of efficiency in typing documents, letters and reports. An above average ability with the keyboard will stand you in good stead.

These questions may not be everything you need to know the answers to but being able to answer these questions will help you in your next interview.

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