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Things To Know On Dissolution Of Marriage, Meaning, And Process

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As married couples who have plans of filing a divorce, it is not enough to simply know that this process is the only way to get out of marriage regardless of who is at fault or even when both parties did not do anything wrong. Sometimes, these two individuals may be in love at the beginning but later on, they just cannot stay together because of their differences. In this case, they can hire a lawyer to ask for advice and at the same time, deal with the legal action.

Before they push this decision, the couple will usually attend counseling but even if after completing the sessions and can’t still live as a couple again, then they need to end it even when they have kids. Most parents, try to manage their relationship as husbands and wives for the sake of their children but many of them prefer divorce. Many kids do not understand why their parents must separate but some are strong enough to accept the situation so they opened their minds at a very young age.

Anyway, we cannot also blame their parents if they have come up with such a solution even when the dissolution of marriage meaning to end their married life legally. Pretty sure that they have tried enough to survive but before this, they should have at least understood what process they are dealing with. Through the help of legal experts, they can go for a consultation to learn more about this, especially if they have a child since the court will decide on his custody.

Dissolution of Marriage

For a layman, this could simply mean divorce since this is the usual approach when married couples would like to break their bonds, though they can’t always cut ties due to their children. Anyway, let’s say that this is the only legal way to terminate a civil union but the process may vary depending on your state or country where you got into this sacred vow. This is almost the same with divorce but it is usually a no-fault approach and includes various information, such as the names of both parties, children, finances like child support or alimony, child custody, visitation rights, and properties to name a few.

In my opinion, this is an ideal solution for couples who have decided to end their relationship because things are not working for them. Sometimes, you just need to accept that you are not meant for each other and you don’t need to find someone’s fault before you come up with this decision. This means that both parties do not need to find evidence for doing wrong and they don’t need to present such fault-based documents to the court during the trial – check out https://blog.ipleaders.in/what-are-the-grounds-for-dissolution-of-a-marriage/ for the grounds to consider.

Some individuals often interchanged these procedures but since you are preparing to file one, then you must know the differences. Both need you to prepare documents but it would be more strict when it comes to requirements for dissolution. This process may be easier and faster than divorce but you need a court hearing for no-fault, though less complicated when it comes to lawsuits.

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Marital Dissolution Agreement

Through the help of an attorney, you can create this agreement which is a requirement to start the procedure and this is something we can’t do alone. So without this document, you cannot proceed with filing for dissolution even when you have consulted a legal expert. Both husband and wife must voluntarily create this to show that they have mutual consent which means that no one must be forced to create one since there are issues to be clarified and must be agreed upon.

This includes the division of properties or assets, the child’s custody or duties as parents to their children who are minors, how to settle debts incurred, reasons why filing for dissolution, and other legal concerns. Both parties must go over the provisions stated and should agree to these so they can negotiate with the help of their lawyer before reaching this case to the family court. That’s why it is essential to hire an attorney with this expertise to come up with better proposals for negotiation which must be discussed thoroughly before signing an agreement – look at this for more info on the coverage.

Your lawyer will play a vital role in representing you in the family court, he needs to discuss the implications of your decisions in your future, and he needs to make sure that your civil rights would be protected as this procedure goes on. When this agreement is ready, this petition will be filed in the state where you had been a resident for at least 6 months. One good reason why you must seek a lawyer is due to various laws based on jurisdiction because these make the procedure confusing or complicated for the applicants.

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