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The vital role of AI in online security

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The world is traveling fast, thanks to technology making everything move at lightning speed and making everything more convenient and easy for everyone.

However, it is not without its dangers and risks especially since most people are putting their reliance and dependence on technology in terms of personal and private information. But are you aware that cybercrime can also lead to personal injury?

The answer is yes, and you might be surprised if a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer would tell you that a recent study revealed that 41% of companies throughout the United States possess more than 1,000 sensitive data, including health records and credit card numbers that are stored unprotected?

What’s more disturbing is that based on a recent report, the healthcare industry had the highest number of ransomware attacks in 2018 and is expected to increase four-fold by 2020.

Imagine if those health data got into the wrong hands and deleted altogether by a hacker, expunging every patient’s health and medical records, leaving doctors and medical practitioners blind to each patient’s treatment and health progress. Worse, it could end up killing people.

It won’t be a surprise to see a Virginia Beach personal injury attorney have his hands full with cases involving personal injury as a result of such attacks, which is why it is imperative that every industry take a firm stance on strengthening and updating cybersecurity systems to avoid such catastrophic incidents.

How artificial intelligence will contribute to cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to fill the gaps where human resources are limited in the protection of online networks and help repel cyberattacks.

AI, specifically its subset of machine learning, is capable of detecting cyber attacks way before it is launched as it analyzes data and identifies patterns that pose a threat before it can make its move in a vulnerable online system.

It also enables machines to use and adapt algorithms trained on data, learn from it, and understand the different effects of each expected event. This means that the AI capability enables the machine to anticipate and predict threats, as well as observe and analyze anomalies with more precision and accuracy than its human counterparts. Using AI for security can be as potent and lethal as using security guards equipped with AK-47 rifles to guard your property.

Multiple layers of security and protection 

There are numerous uses for AI in providing secure and strong online security and system protection protocols, such as password protection and user authentication.

Traditionally, passwords used to protect an individual’s information, but as technology developed, so did the capability of exposing it to threats of easily being broken into and giving hackers access to very confidential data- including financial and health records.

AI has been responsible for providing systems with multiple layers of security and protection to make unauthorized access to information more complex, if not impossible.

Aside from passwords, AI has been harnessed to provide biometric authentication such as face recognition through facial features using infra-red sensors and neural engines to recognize a user’s features using patterns and key correlations that are totally unique from one another.

While the technology is already available to provide layers of security, there is still no perfect system and it is always important to stay cautious.

Always remember your rights and it will always be prudent and practical to get hold of a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer to help you stay safe and confident that you have someone ready to protect your interests if harm should come your way in these modern times.

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