The United States of Confederate America

Credit history: Michael S. Williamson / The Washington Article / Getty

Numerous years ago, I was driving on a rural road when I arrived up powering a pickup truck with a Accomplice-flag sticker on the back again window. This is not these an abnormal sight in some areas of the United States, but this instance astonished me: The truck experienced Pennsylvania plates, and the road was in Gettysburg, where an invading force of tens of thousands of Confederates, shaped to defend Black slavery, arrived in summer season 1863 on a pillaging expedition.

But though the Civil War was a fight between two regions of the place, sympathy for the Confederacy is no for a longer period confined to states that seceded and border states. Help for Confederate symbols and monuments now exists throughout the country, pursuing lines of race, religion, and training fairly than geography. This is one particular of numerous approaches in which the South is no longer simply just a location: A specified variation of it has come to be an identification shared among white, rural, conservative […]

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