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Durable flooring options for busy families

Durable flooring options for busy families

There’s nothing like a growing family for road testing the durability of a floor. High chairs scrape across the surface as a growing baby wriggles, toddlers race bikes up and down, and as for teenagers… let’s not go there.

Durable flooring

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There can be a trade-off between flooring that is “green” and flooring that is durable. Some consumer tests have found that renewable green options, such as bamboo and cork, may not be as robust in family use as more traditional options.

However, the same tests also found that even vinyls and laminates were prone to scuffs, scratches and stains. While some vinyls are certainly durable, unless the pattern is chosen carefully, they can show dirt and therefore need frequent cleaning. For busy families, this can be an extra burden. Even worse, some very high-end flooring needs to be cleaned with specialist cleaners that are not available from local supermarkets. … Read More