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Summer Vacations and Parenting Time

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Parenting Time and Summer Vacations: Ramos Law Group, PLLC

School going children in Texas, summer is the most anticipated period in the year. Unlike parents, the time to go back to school cannot come soon. However, the problems are more experienced for co-parents who adhere to parenting plans and share custody. 

While there may be issues with parenting time and summer holidays, you can get through this period without problems. What you need is a carefully drafted parenting plan to help you wade this period. The Family Law Attorney Fort Worth Tx, you can call us and guide you.

However, you need to note a few key points during summer vacations.

Texas Typical Possession Order

Your divorce case might have ended with a judge indicating a Standard Possession Oder. This order is of interest to children three years or older.

It allows both parties to have an agreement on how to co-parent whenever possible, but the following conditions apply when there is a lack of agreement:

  • When either of your households is or more than 100 miles apart, the noncustodial party might acclaim parenting 42 days during the summer holidays.
  • The noncustodial individual obtains 30 days of possession in summer breaks.

Use Your Existing Plan

Your divorce decree has details regarding the conservatorship and possession. These laws are the legal rules indicating your visitation and custody laws. Therefore, they touch on parenting in the summer vacations, as they are valid throughout the year.

If the court order has a formula for visitation and custody, it will also apply during the summer breaks. If either partner breaks it, there are consequences. Therefore always check it before making decisions.

Modify Parenting Plan Via Agreement

Regardless of the order and divorce decree from the court, ex-couples are free to work out arrangements that are of value to their children. The Texas law has a reasonable leeway to develop its own parenting plans that are conducive to each party involved. 

Here are some benefits from a modified parenting time:

  • You won’t be guided by the rigid rules of the Texas visitation laws. Therefore you can be creative and come up with better solutions to your parenting time.
  • Parents can create and control their own plans that might prove to work during summer and any time of the year.
  • You might have to get your plans approved for modification in court by a judge. An added advantage, a judge will enter the new plan without a hearing. It can only be approved if the amendments are at best in the child’s interest.

The above factors are only a few to consider as you ponder your parenting time over the summer holidays. To achieve a workable solution, it might need a court action or formal mediation. Therefore, contact or visit the Family Law Attorney Fort Worth TX, and learn how best we can assist.

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