May 26, 2024


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Reverse Email Lookup and Header Trace to Stop Cyberstalking

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Cyberstalking is a frequent and growing problem on the internet. As more people turn to social networks and online chatting, doors are being opened for these criminals to step in and take bait. Even worse, cyberstalking can and often does evolve into email stalking, which can be quite frightening if you aren’t prepared for it happening in the first place.

Most times, cyberstalking will start out as a simple instant messenger chat session or a few emails back and forth. But the person on the other end will eventually command your complete attention and want ‘more’ from you. This is where the problem tends to start.

These internet stalkers are weird in a sense that they are quite antisocial, but often obsessive compulsive; no matter how much they try to hide about themselves, it is this one quality that they cannot hide. It is this one quality that should also warn you about a potential stalker. Someone who sends you numerous emails, whether they be just annoying or harassing, and goes to great lengths to remain anonymous could be a very dangerous person. Though it may not seem to be a big deal in the beginning, this could evolve into a serious cyberstalking situation.

Cyberstalkers will try to obtain personal information about you and use it against you. They will harass you and try to blackmail you, keep in mind that this person doesn’t have to even know you at all. Another thing that is commonly seen in cyberstalking cases is that the stalker often plays up their role as a victim. They will try to publicly place blame on you for whatever they can, all the while getting a pity party from onlookers. Cyberstalkers are also known to try and humiliate their victims wherever they can by publishing false information, so any online communities that the victim frequents are often venues for this harassing behavior.

None of these events should be taken lightly, or even ignored. There have been times where cyberstalking became physical and victims have had to fear for their personal safety. You never want to let the situation get to that point. It is always wise to seek help at the first sign of trouble to avoid anything getting out of control.

You can easily do a reverse email lookup to try and find out the person behind the emails, but it’s likely to be an alias. To resolve the issue quickly, you should hire a private investigator to do a professional email trace. They will give you a comprehensive report of their findings, and it will include the stalker’s real name, address and phone. During this investigation they will also perform a header trace to compare the information in the emails to that of other reported incidents to try and find similarities. Each of these methods is highly effective in identifying the stalker, and often will reveal enough information that you are able to rise above the situation and put an end to it.

Anytime you feel you are being stalked via email, instant messenger, or any other means of internet communication, you should immediately consult a qualified private investigator for advice. Harassment of any kind is never acceptable, and it may well be an issue of cyberstalking.

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