Questions Before Posting Bail

Before you make the decision to help someone who is in jail, there are a few questions that you should ask the bondsman. You need to understand what bail is and how the person can get out of jail by paying that amount. It is the amount often ordered by a judge that will cover the release of the person until the court date. However, a bail bond is a lower amount that you can pay using a bond agency that will secure the release of the inmate. Keep in mind that if the person doesn’t appear for court that you are usually responsible for the bail amount. A warrant will likely be issued for the arrest of the person who was released from jail.

When you speak with a Montgomery County bail bonds company, you need to have the name of the inmate as well as the bail amount and a little about the criminal history of the person. If the crime is one that is severe, then the bondsman might not be willing to post the amount. In many states, you won’t get your bail money back after it’s been paid. Some states allow you to get your money back, but you need to consult with the agent beforehand so that you know what to expect. In most situations, the percentage that you give to the agent will not be refunded as this will go directly to the bond agent.

You might wonder why you would need a bondsman if the person has enough money to get out of jail. The bond amount is often less expensive than the initial bail. Some agents will accept a car title or the title to another piece of property if you don’t have the money, but if the person doesn’t go to court, then that title will usually go to the agency.