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Personal injury lawsuit, a major legal action

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Personal Injury Lawsuit Process - Part 1 | Rodriguez & Porter, LTD

There is no time in our lives when we are not exposed to an accident, whether in the workplace, going down the stairs at the mall, crossing the street or visiting a theme park. The important thing is, when suffering an accident injury, seek the help of a civil law professional.

The previous idea is to determine who is responsible for the damages and to seek through a lawsuit, who can take charge (at an economic level) of the damages that he caused with his negligence. 

When we speak of negligence, we refer to the scant care that a person took when carrying out a certain action and thus endangering the lives of others.

What a personal injury victim should do

What is sought with the lawsuit is that the defendant can compensate the victim with money so that he has the opportunity to get out of the debts that came with the incident. 

Such as: fees for doctors, nurses, physical therapists, medicine bills, immediate and future personal expenses, as well as lost work payments due to your absence from work.

The first thing that happens when a person suffers an accident is to panic, put their hands to their heads and ask what will happen to their car, financial situation and everything they just lost at that very moment. No one, absolutely no one trusts that leaving that entire dilemma in the hands of an injury attorney is the right solution.

But yes, that is totally true. The first thing you should do if you have a personal injury due to the responsibility of a third party is to seek the help and advice of this professional, only then will you have the opportunity to receive the compensation you deserve without having to deal with all the steps that a lawsuit process implies. 

Injury attorney services

The commercial vehicle accident attorneys you choose to start your case will then take over immediately, so they will be responsible for taking your case to trial in the event that it cannot be resolved out of court (as is the case in most cases). cases with insurance companies).

Your lawyer should be able, in the first instance, to determine whether your case is viable or not. That is, if as a plaintiff you have the absolute possibility of winning and at the same time, determine what would be the correct amount of money to request as compensation.

Apart from that, it is also necessary for the injury lawyer to do the appropriate investigation, speak with witnesses, collect evidence and be able to consolidate everything that is relevant and should be presented before the judge, if applicable.

How to deal with insurance companies

If there is something very clear, it is that the victim of the accident cannot face this situation alone, it’s necessary that she has the support and advice of an expert personal injury lawyer. it’s not something easy, it requires special skills and an adequate language that only these professionals know.

Additionally, injury attorneys have incredible negotiating skills, knowing the right time to ask for more money or when an offer needs to be rejected. So the plaintiff can be sure that he will receive a fair share.

On the other hand, the sense of hiring an injury lawyer is to be well advised, calm, without legal worries, as well as feeling supported by someone you trust who pursues the same interests as you, in other words, winning the case.

When to call an injury attorney

  • In any situation where you are a victim of the negligence of others
  • In case of work accidents
  • In the event of car collisions
  • When you have suffered a fall or slip in public spaces
  • By animal bite
  • When you have suffered defamation
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