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Personal Injury: Causes, Consequences, and Legal Action

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Personal injury is defined as damage to an individual’s body, rather than their property, reputation, or any other asset. Given the breadth of this definition, people who have suffered a personal injury may not realize that they are eligible to take legal action against responsible parties. Immediate and long-term consequences are instead endured in silence, without compensation for the time, effort, and financial impact of dealing with a personal injury.

It is critically important that the victims of personal injury are empowered to seek help from qualified and experienced legal professionals, to secure an appropriate award related to their unique case, and to help protect other people from becoming victims in the future.

Examples of situations that may cause personal injury

Road accidents

Car and motorcycle accidents are, unfortunately, extremely common. Whilst a small fender bender may not cause significant harm, serious crashes can result in severe, life-changing injuries. Associated medical bills, the need for long-term physical and psychological therapy, and changes to employment prospects can leave victims in substantial financial difficulty. As well as reporting such incidents to the police, victims are encouraged to consider legal action against any individual or organization responsible for the crash.

Accidents on other modes of transport

As discussed above, wounds and trauma sustained during a car accident would be considered personal injury. The same is true of any injury resulting from incidents involving trains, boats, ships, or airplanes. Ensure that any accidents resulting in injury are reported to the company running the service, as well as the police or responsible agency. Eyewitness testimony is also useful in case of legal action; try to collect contact details from other passengers or witnesses of the incident.

Tripping accidents

Public spaces, including sidewalks, supermarkets, plazas, malls, government buildings, and lobbies, must be safe to walk through. Trips and falls may occur as a result of poor maintenance, liquid spillage, inadequate lighting, damaged staircases, and objects left in inappropriate places. Injuries can range from cuts and bruises to concussion, broken bones, and internal damage. It is therefore important that legal options are explored after a trip or fall; as well as providing the victim with compensation, it encourages custodians of public spaces to keep them safe and well-maintained.

 Consumer products

We rely on manufacturers to make consumer products that are safe for use. If a product malfunctions, or is deliberately manufactured to a low quality, it causes unnecessary risk of injury to consumers. Faulty products, especially those that cause injury, should be reported to the manufacturer or industry regulator. Samples must be retained for further evaluation, and to act as evidence if legal action is pursued.

In the workplace

Accidents can happen at work, and often they occur as a direct result of employer negligence, which may or may not be intentional. Employers have a duty to protect the safety of all workers; it is crucial, therefore, to report any workplace accident to a line manager or HR representative.

What should I do if I have been a victim of personal injury?

If you have been the victim of a personal injury, speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after the incident. An attorney will be able to support you in securing commensurate compensation. Victims who are searching for personal injury lawyers in Huntsville can contact the experts at Morris, King & Hodge.

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