February 29, 2024


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Per Diem Attorneys Can Help with Schedule Conflicts

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Any lawyer who does not appear for a scheduled court appearance will be put in a position to face civil sanctions if there was no just cause for their failure to show up. Lawyers who fail to meet their responsibilities to the courts will certainly face some sort of repercussion unless there is a valid reason for their inability to meet such obligations.

These regulations make sense – after all, there is an entire court room full of people – including the lawyer’s client – who are depending on the appearance of all pertinent parties. Failure to show up will cost everyone their time, not to mention the taxpayers money.

Unfortunately, it can be extremely challenging for lawyers to meet each and every responsibility when it comes to making court appearances considering how often their schedules become conflicted. They are often pulled in so many different directions that conflicts are sure to arise between their schedules and that of the court.

To compound this pressure, our current state court system presently necessitates personal appearances by attorneys even just for routine matters. Attorneys may often be required to appear in person for issues that are nowhere near substantive. Perhaps they’re required to appear in court when a decision needs to be made on a motion, or for reasons that could have been handled over the phone or via video conferencing. Many times lawyers are required to appear in many different courtrooms at the same time, often in different cities or counties.

Per Diem Lawyers Can Help

Luckily, there is a potentially simple solution to this issue of schedule conflicts – per diem lawyers. Increasingly, lawyers are relying on per diem lawyers whom they hire for the day to handle court appearances. Some per diem attorneys may work on a regular basis for law firms, while others work in a specific court. Others still accept assignments from many several attorneys and in different courts.

In a general arrangement with an attorney, a per diem lawyer NYC will accept an assignment, choose up a file, appear in court on behalf of the lawyer, and report back to the lawyer when all is said and done at the end of the day. Per diem lawyers may be asked to handle another component of the same case, or may be assigned another task altogether.

In any case, per diem lawyers can be real life savers for busy attorneys who are finding it nearly impossible to keep their schedules free of conflict. With the help of per diem lawyers, attorneys at law can manage a heavy workload without having to fail on their responsibilities.

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