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Pallet racking: popular styles and uses

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When goods are stored on pallets in a warehouse, retail centre or storage facility, they are quick to store and retrieve. Pallet racking allows pallets to be stacked in various configurations, so this type of storage is both versatile and affordable. Because it can be customised, pallet racking is becoming an increasingly popular choice as a storage solution not just in large businesses but also in many smaller organisations.

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Let’s take a look at some of the most popular forms of racking.
Roll-formed selective pallet racks

This system is designed to give support to load beams that run horizontally and are held in place on the racking by mounting clips.
Bolt-together pallet racks
With this system, you put together a structure that is capable of holding much greater weights than the roll-formed racks. This is because the horizontal beams are bolted to the racking uprights, so their load-bearing capacity is enhanced as the weight is spread across the structure.
The Health and Safety Executive has a guidance booklet on pallet support beams, and this emphasises that they must be wide enough to give support to a badly positioned pallet, such as one that is off-centre.

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Used pallet racks

Because pallet racks are very durable, there is a strong market for used pallet racking https://www.rackzone.ie/. Whilst food storage and other hygiene-critical uses may require new racking, there are many industrial and commercial applications where second-hand racking is a cost-effective solution.
Cantilevered racks
These are used to store raw materials or manufactured products that are difficult to fit onto conventional racks. The types of goods stored include pipes, metal sheets, lengths of kitchen worktop, panels, laminates and concrete building parts, such as lintels.
The racks have horizontal arms reaching out from vertical beams. The front of the racks is open, and they are usually configured as a continuous structure so that long items can be loaded from the front. This type of racking can be very efficient in terms of saving space in locations such as timber yards.
Outside racking

Some users have their pallet racking erected outside and add a roof. In these instances, the pallet racking and roof structure provide what amounts to a new warehouse in a structure that can be moved and customised.

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