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Important Information About Theft, Robbery, and Aggravated Robbery Different places or states often enforce laws and criminal sanctions depending on what is designated in their penal code. Most of the time people thought that criminal offenses like theft, robbery and aggravated robbery are just alike however these three vary in terms of the legal sanctions that the offender might experience. Theft or Larceny One of the states of the US defined theft or larceny as an unlawful act of stealing another person’s property. The primary consideration of theft or larceny is that the violator has the intention to take the property of a particular person without any agreement. When it comes to this case, other factors are also consider like the sworn statement by the people involved and even the former dealings that they have are indicated and thoroughly discussed as part of the legal proceedings. Cases like this can become vexing and stressing hence it is highly recommended to have criminal defense attorney at your side to do the work for you.
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If the amount involve does not exceed $1,500, it is considered as theft. However if it surpasses that amount indicated earlier or there are weaponries that are included the offense is now called felony. Theft cannot just be classified as felony easily, there are some factors that should be consider like the place where it was stolen, what was the important thing or property stolen and more.
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There are three classes of minor criminal offense that can penalized a person of an amount that is $500 to $4,000 with an approximately one year imprisonment. The act of Robbery As designated in the penal code, a crime is considered robbery if there is an intention to gain a property of another person that may result to violence. Robbery can only happen if the target is present during the act of thievery. If a person is charge by this crime he or she can go to jail for 2 to 20 years and required to pay a money that is less or equal to $10,000. Aggravated Robbery is a crime that involves physical violence Aggravated robbery is often associated with the act of robbery which involves weaponries that are fatal and may cause physical injuries to a person, more likely if the person involves is 65 years old or more. Aggravated robbery involves a lot of physical violence while theft-larceny on the other hand is more inclined in the unlawful getting or obtaining of a persons property. If a person is charged with aggravated robbery he or she can be charged of an amount that ranges up to $10,000.and can go to prison for 5 to 99 years.

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