May 21, 2024


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Learn All About Online Transcription Jobs

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If you are thinking of a job that you can comfortably do from home and at your own hours, then transcription is among the best. Transcription jobs vary widely, and you can specialize in a particular area such as transcribing legal, medical, and other complex and professional audio files.

A simple definition of transcription is a type of data entry that entails converting recorded speech into a written form. The transcriber will listen to an audio or video file and then record what they hear into a written transcript. Often times, a transcriber will use software, however, they will need to edit the transcribed piece into text, and correct any grammatical and spelling errors, while others transcribe purely manually, especially, where the speech in the audio file is challenging.

Companies and business people hire transcribers to transform audio into legible information, which they can use for record keeping and easier reference. Many times, they hold conferences and conversations, which require filing in an easy to read and access manner. A transcribed file is easier to access read and share in comparison to a video or audio file.

On the other hand, companies hire transcribers to transcribe conversations and speeches that are not very clear for the average person to understand, most of these come from people who speak English as a second or third language, and those who speak with a heavy accent. They also need to hire transcribers for language translation–that is converting an audio file in a particular language into another desired language.

You must have good listening skills and a good mastery of the audio file language. Having a good typing speed and accuracy will enable you to do the job faster. A typical transcriber can begin off without any major qualifications, a high school diploma can do; however, for you to find jobs that pay well (e.g., medical and legal transcription), you must have a firm understanding of legal and medical terminologies, including their slang versions.

To transcribe into English, you must be proficient in the language and have the capacity to understand heavy accents, willingness to learn, and the ability to work within deadlines.

Many transcriptionists will charge per file transcribed or per typed page. However, this will also largely depend on the audio file complexity, and your level of expertise. The average pay can be $10 to $25 per hour, which you calculate using your typing speeds while ensuring you give the employers value for their money.

Transcription services are in demand across many industries. This includes academic, medical, legal business, foreign language, and media among others. Ideally, the employers look for someone who is proficient in the language to transform an audio file into text. They require these services for easier record keeping and access, and sometimes, to disambiguate audio scripts.

You can find transcription jobs on the Internet. Many employers require you to work using your own equipment. On the other hand, you can register with a transcription recruitment agency or register with a freelancing website where you can look for potential work and bid on projects. You can also find work with independent organizations like hospitals and legal firms.

The employer will require you to transform audio and sometimes video files into text. You must take into account any technical jargon, while understanding slang terminologies used in the niche will also be very helpful.

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