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Is it easier to find a relationship in 2020 than in 2000?

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Finding a relationship in which you are understood, loved and celebrated is something to be cherished. The advent of the Internet and increasing opportunities to find love or relationships online have led to a situation where dating has radically changed. However, either in 2000 or 2020, finding the right relationship comes with its challenges; but you can overcome them. Here is what determines how easy or difficult it will be for you to find the right relationship.

Your mindset
With the level of negativity that surrounds romantic relationships these days, it is easy for you to think that you will never find a relationship. But if you believe such, you will find it difficult to attract the right kind of person. No matter what may be happening around you, dare to believe good things about yourself. Dare to believe that you will experience love in its truest and most compassionate form. Dare to believe that yours will be positively different even with all the negative relationships around you. Your mindset determines what happens in your life; either you live in 2000 or 2020, you will find having a relationship difficult when you have the wrong mindset.

Your environment
The type of environment you also determine how easy or difficult finding a relationship will be for you. For instance, you cannot be in an environment of married people and expect to have a relationship, except if you want to involve in a scandalous affair. If you want to find a relationship easier, being in a community of singles like you is the best option for you. Also, you may need to broaden your social networks. Joining charity organizations, volunteering for social causes, doing your quota in making your society a better place, etc. will land you opportunities to connect with high-quality people, from which you can pick your choice of an amazing partner. Always have it in mind that the kind of environment you are will mostly determine the kind of person you meet. However, online dating apps and social media have made finding a relationship easier in 2020, that does not still undermine the importance of being in the right environment; because virtual environments are a kind of environments too.

Your lifestyle
The type of life you live determine how quickly you will find a relationship, and how successful that relationship will be. For instance, it is counterproductive to pursue a relationship while you are not working on improving your life. Once you understand that you attract the kind of person you are, you will realize that you are doing yourself a favour by not focusing your living on finding a relationship, but on making the most of all your life in all respects. Either in 2000 or 2020, no one ever succeeded in a relationship they got the expense of other things in their life. A relationship is only a fragment of your life; work towards enjoying and thriving in the other segments too. That way, you will find the best relationship for you, easily and less stressfully.

Your choice
It is expected that you have expectations of your partner. In your mind, you already have an idea of what behaviour patterns you want your partner to exhibit, their likes and dislikes, their interests and hobbies, etc. It is these standards you measure anyone that comes your way against. In most cases, you will keep at this until you get someone who measures up, or except you have a rethink. If you want to get a partner quickly, your expectations must be realistic. You cannot afford to have your head in the clouds when setting standards for your partner. Also, it will be foolishness to set standards you fall short of. For instance, if you are poor, the chances of getting a rich spouse or partner re very slim. A rich person would like to marry a rich person too. Your best bet will be to work hard and become rich yourself so that you can attract a rich person too. 

Your character
If your character is not favourable to finding a relationship, you will probably find it difficult having a relationship. Before you want to join yourself with another person, you want to ensure that you have no major character faults. For instance, if you are prone to violence, you will fall in a lot of trouble every time you allow that to get the best of you. Besides, no one wants to end up with a person that will beat them up over any slight issue. You should work on your flaws before you get a partner. What will mostly keep your marriage is how you relate with your partner; if they are not happy with it, they will leave and you will back to starting all over again.

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