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How to do handstand pushups?

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The Freestanding Handstand Push-Up - YouTube

We’re all at completely different levels, and that we all (hopefully) can continually be perpetually rising.

Personally, I’ve solely been doing gymnastic exercise pushups for a handful of years, and that i still have an extended thanks to go. However, I do know that if I keep active, keep pushing myself more durable, I’ll get wherever I would like sometime.

That being aforesaid, there’s a reasonably logical progression of wherever to start out once 1st making an attempt to try and do a gymnastic exercise push up.

HOW TO start DOING gymnastic exercise PUSH-UPS

If you follow the progression of exercises how to do handstand pushups below, you’ll build the strength and technique you’ll got to be ready to gymnastic exercise pushups.

Start where is that the most applicable for you—a.k.a. there’s no got to begin at the start if you’ll already do pike pushups, though. They’ll positively build up the strength in your shoulders and back. Then certify to incorporate these exercises in your exertion routine 2 to fourfold every week for the quickest doable results.

So whether or not you’re ranging from zero and have not done a gymnastic exercise push up in your life, or whether or not you can do some straight away and wish to be able to do additional, here’s a way to master the art of the gymnastic exercise push up:


If you’re ranging from the terribly starting, whether or not you simply got to build up strength otherwise you got to get your confidence up, you ought to begin with pike (also referred to as upright or A frame) pushups. These can build up your shoulders and back, and additionally get you accustomed the position of being slightly the wrong way up.

To complete a pike push up:

Start during a downward dog position.

Lower yourself down as way as doable so your forehead nearly touches the ground. Keep your abs tight and your shoulders force back. Your elbows ought to be command inward, on the point of your sides (no chicken winging!). Push yourself make a copy within the beginning position.

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