How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits

How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits

Vivian James Rigney is no everyday traveler.

The govt coach and speaker has frequented more than 80 international locations and lived on a few continents.

He’s also climbed the highest mountains on all 7 continents, the so-called 7 Summits.

It can be a feat that took him 14 a long time — a person, he estimates, that fewer than 1,000 people have completed.

And he did it inspite of currently being “terrified of heights,” he stated.

In an job interview with CNBC Vacation, Rigney talked about what he discovered — and how a lot it charge him — to achieve some of the greatest points on earth.  

The price to climb

Rigney estimates he is paid amongst $170,000 and $180,000 to climb the 7 Summits, he reported.

“Everest is, by far, the most costly,” he stated, incorporating that he compensated about $80,000 when he climbed it in 2010.

“You have to help you save and establish a approach,” he stated. “Which is why it took me many years. I started, then I went to business enterprise university, all my funds was absent into that, then I started off once more, received a new task … Piece by piece, I gradually received as a result of it.”

But there is certainly a different price tag — the time absent from get the job done, stated Rigney. The good thing is, he stated his businesses supported his aims.

“If you have a great employer … they can see [personal goals] as a thing which can enable elevate the spirits of the firm,” he explained.

From ‘easy’ to ‘excruciatingly painful’  

In addition to expenses, the 7 Summits range substantially in conditions of climbing problem, said Rigney.  

He explained Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro is “straightforward,” calling it “technically not tough at all.”

But it is high adequate to sense altitude illness, he claimed, which stops some climbers from reaching the top.

Kilimanjaro can be climbed in a week, he reported. Antarctica’s Vinson Massif can take two weeks — “if you are fortunate” — and North America’s Denali a few to 4 months.

But Mount Everest is a “massive logistical operation” that requires about two months, he said. It is really by significantly the most hard and perilous climb, he claimed, calling the working experience “excruciatingly unpleasant.”  

“Each and every cell in your overall body is saying you should not be below,” he claimed. “Your instinct is likely nuts.”

Rigney climbed Mount Everest for about four to five hrs a working day. The relaxation of the time “you are recovering in your tent by itself … no units, no world-wide-web … very little.”

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He mentioned he arrived “bulked up and tremendous in shape.” Even with consuming 7,000 to 8,000 calories a day — mostly potatoes, pasta and dry food stuff — he claimed he lost 20 lbs during the Everest climb.

Keeping warm normally takes a huge sum of vitality, he stated. Everything freezes, he stated, together with Liquid crystal display digital camera screens.

“We have what we phone a pee bag. You pee in this bag, and you seal it and you set that into the sleeper bag with you since it’s warm.”

There are only about 3 to five days in the climbing season that climbers can get to Everest’s summit. If they do, it is a speedy victory, claimed Rigney.

“People really don’t dangle about the summit for hrs,” he mentioned. “You get the heck off the mountain as swift as you can.”

From climbing to coaching

Rigney is now an government coach and speaker, educating corporate executives lessons he discovered from pushing himself, mentally and physically, to the limit.

He’s also the creator of “Naked at the Knife’s Edge,” a book about how he is employed some of the most harrowing moments from his Everest climb for expert achievements.

Climbers you should not stay lengthy at the time they arrive at Mount Everest’s peak, mentioned Rigney. “You get the heck off the mountain as brief as you can.”

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He stated he helps “overachievers… [with] tons on their head” obtain balance and crack habits “which pull us together … as while we are on a conveyor belt.”

For case in point, panic — no matter whether it’s of public talking or his possess concern of heights — can be defeat making use of tips of the head, he said.

And leaders must find out to take items that are out of their handle, be it an personal injury or a pandemic, he explained.  

He stated he still laughs when he thinks about arriving at a little airplane hangar in Kathmandu one hour ahead of he was scheduled to fly to the foothills of the Himalayas.

Just after climbing the “7 Summits,” Rigney mentioned he is deliberately selecting journey encounters that are much less risky. He said various many years back, he discovered a hobby that is both challenging and fun: scuba diving.

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“I bear in mind heading up to this gentleman … and I mentioned ‘Hey… what time do you assume we’ll be leaving?'” explained Rigney. “He claimed: ‘Maybe today, hopefully by tomorrow, most likely by the stop of the week.'”

10 minutes later, yet another climber, who bought the very same solution, exploded with anger, he explained.  

“Eventually this male seems above, red with steam coming out his ears, and we are just howling. I consider it eventually clicked — like this is exactly where you are. This is about weather in the Himalayas!”

It really is just 1 of a long listing of “factors we can management and items we are not able to,” mentioned Rigney.

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