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What is Family Law? Family law is the branch of civil law which deals with all matters related to family unit and other domestic relations such as civil unions, marriage, surrogacy and adoption, paternity cases, domestic partnerships, divorce, child abuse matters, child abduction, child custody, child visitation rights, child maintenance, alimony, division of property, and child adoption. Every single court in the world has reported an escalation if family law like adopting children, divorce, contest paternity suits. According to the family law attorneys, this is a different branch of civil law compared to the rest of the branches because of the sensitive involvement on the private matters. Sometimes, the family lawyers act as mediators, counselors, negotiators, conciliators, etc. The courts that are the judges on family law issues sometimes serve as mediators as they attempt to reunite family members of the same family to solve their issues is agreeably so as to preserve their relationship.
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The substance of this sort of law differs from one power to the other for the reason that the codes that reinforce it are essentially borrowed from the the public. For example, same sex relationships are not accepted in some societies, this sort of law needs that such union can’t be acknowledged as wedding in courts of law.
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Just like all the other branches of law, family law has experienced a lot of alterations in an attempt to give a lecture on the mediate matters in families. For example, most of the public has tried in attempting to legalize “come we stay” relationships when the parties involved are living together for a particular period of time. The collaborative law is one of the most famous modern trends in the family law as it covers to the structured process that provides parties who seek divorces or parties who are involved in other disputes an alternative names of resolving their dispute than a going through the expensive, lengthy litigation method in courts. Collaborative law agrees the parties to marital or proposed civil union to take the control of their destiny by contracting family legal representative dedicated to the method of undertaking arguments in family and relationships within family situation harmoniously over and done with negotiations and talks without the courts being involved. The reason why modern family law discourages the parties from going to court is that court’s verdict has a win-lose viewpoint. Also, the court litigation is very complex and as is the case with all law matters is expensive and might take a long period of time in resolving the issues. The collaborative family lawyers agree that they will not represent their individual parties in court litigation if either party decides to go to court.

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