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Better Business Bureau Rated Atlanta Tax Lawyer: Why Study Tax Laws?

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Why Study Tax Law?

Imagine being an attorney with less pressure, less stress, tons of benefits, and more flexibility. It might be your life if you are planning to study or are currently studying tax law. As a matter of fact, these professionals report being the most satisfied with their work compared to other practice areas. Below you will get a short preview of the job you might do as a tax attorney and a look at some of the reasons why people need to consider studying this specialty in these schools.

People will have better stability

As long as taxation is practiced in the country, there will be a need for these types of lawyers, and we all know what they say about taxes and death. These two are the only constant thing in this world. There will always be a constant demand for tax statute proficiency and skill, and services offered by these experts will definitely be very relevant all year round. 

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People may even be a lot busier compared to your school contemporary in transactional work like litigation. While this part of the law is not completely immune to the flow and ebb of the economy, it tends to remain pretty stable, even if the economy faces downturns.

 Not only that, with tariff reforms perennially a hot topic in the political arena, the field is more likely to experience higher demand. It can also be more stable in the emotional sense. The job is considered less emotional compared to family law. So if a person is looking to avoid the dramatic side of this field of the law, studying taxation might be the perfect choice for you.

There are a lot of jobs to choose from

Every citizen of the country is subject to taxation. It means these types of lawyers can find jobs in almost every employment sector. These professionals can find employment in both accounting and law firms, as well as with the state and federal government. These experts can serve as in-house counsel for a lot of businesses too. That all adds up to more job prospects.

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People will have a better life-work balance

These lawyers report working more consistently and in fewer hours compared to their counterparts in other legal specialties. The only exceptions to this from February to mid-April, also known as the tax season. Experts also say it can be a lot easier to take a vacation as a tariff attorney, although not around the tax season.

Salary is not a problem

These professionals see consistent and strong earnings. According to experts, the average annual gross pay for tariff attorneys in the United States is $130,000, granted where people end up practicing will have a huge impact on their earnings. Working in bigger, more reputable companies or in urban areas can drive up their salaries significantly. 

For instance, in Boston, the projected entry-level salary for these kinds of lawyers is between $90,000 and $110,000, according to some salary websites. Although tax attorneys may not get as high as other legal fields like criminal or litigation lawyers, when you factor in other desirable aspects of this job, like stability, life-work balance, or more flexible hours, the tradeoff may be pretty worth it.

They can make a huge difference

Tariff statute can make a significant difference, and we are not just talking about saving a couple of dollars on tax returns. Taxes can be pretty confusing at times, and the lawyer’s guidance can help keep ventures out of the red line or a family’s finances completely. Or these professionals might work for charitable companies, supporting their mission from the administrative side of the law. 

An Atlanta tax lawyer can also volunteer their services to individuals who need them with firms like VITA or the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. Finally, if the soon-to-be tax attorney wants to effect changes in this industry at a higher level, they could find employment with government entities like the Treasury Department or the Internal Revenue Service,

They do fascinating work

It may not sound pretty exciting at first but the tax codes impact so much of the United States economy, and small changes can greatly impact everyone. As a tariff attorney, they would be on the front lines of some influential statute there is. Their work can range from interpreting new legislation to applying long-standing laws. In any case, the problems are interesting and of crucial importance to the client.

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They can have tons of variety

There is more variety in tariff laws compared to what people might expect. From small and startup companies to multinational firms and corporations to people across the earning spectrum (and it is a huge spectrum), tariff needs will differ mildly, depending on the firm or professional’s client. 

For instance, the professional might work with nonprofit organizations to ensure they are compliant with state and federal tariff regulations and laws so that the firms can keep their tax-exempt standing. These professionals can also work as in-house counsel. 

They can help companies choose the best retirement scheme for their employees. These experts might even work as litigations. On one side, a tariff lawyer defends their client’s position before relevant agencies (State Department or Internal Revenue Service) and in court. 

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On the other side, they can represent the government’s interest. A regular day might consist of working with another lawyer on the team, doing some research, or negotiating with other lawyers representing the other party of the transaction. It might also involve preparing for hearing trials. And these professionals might work on their own or with teams handling clients so that they can get different tasks in their work environment.

Is it the right call for you?

A lot of students get hooked on this type of law practice after they come to school. They do not need to have accounting degrees. They do not even need to be good with numbers. But if legal counsels have a background in accounting or business and are considering law school, this kind of job is an excellent way to marry their skills and interests. Students can find strong programs by looking for schools with related extracurricular, expert faculty with related clinics, and experience. It can also help to check out mentoring programs that will pair them with people with experience in this industry.

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