May 21, 2024


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Australia: A Coveted Place to Get PR For

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Australia has gained imminence as a popular immigration destination. One of the reasons is that it’s one of the least populous continents on Earth. It’s quite important for the prospective immigrants to understand why they should seek professional visa counseling.

This makes it a beneficial residential destination due to less traffic, less pollution, and more career opportunities. However, professional counseling ensures that the aspirants are not dejected due to their inaccurate applications. The goal before immigrants is to seek the best and most effective professional consultancy. The city of Melbourne is now the best city in the world as per the rankings that are given by Economist Intelligence Unit. It is the city with the highest rankings out of 140 cities in the Global Livability Survey. It has got these rankings for the second year in a row. As per these rankings, the city of Melbourne has a near about perfect score of 97.5 which is almost close to 100. The City of Vienna is no.2 on this list. Apart from a low population, the city also has the high-quality infrastructure which makes it a very habitable region.

For example, all the cities like Melbourne and Sydney are connected via Metro. There are Sydney and Melbourne Metros which operate in these cities. As far as the intercity transport services are concerned, apart from Canberra and Darwin, all the other cities are connected through metro and buses. As per these rankings, three of other Australian cities are also in the rankings of top 10 cities. These cities are Adelaide at No. 6, Sydney at No.7 and Perth at No.9. Australia’s unemployment rate is also quite low which explains the high number of foreign workers required here. The skilled workers can gain immigration here under the visa class 189. Under this visa class, the candidates can get permanent immigration to Australia. The workers are supposed to apply by providing an Expression of Interest and if they are found eligible, then they are invited to make applications under SkillSelect. A time period of 60 days is available for a person to make applications for PR once he gets an invitation. This Australian permanent residency visa allows a candidate to get citizenship eventually if he meets the eligibility conditions. It also allows the visa holder to sponsor eligible relatives to get PR of this country.

An Australia immigration is the best way to improve your standard of living. You can consult an immigration Australia consultancy to get the best advice possible in this regard.

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