June 24, 2024


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Art Nude Photography in the Digital Age

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The digital age has meant that any photographer who is interested in creating erotic photographers spring tx can be technically proficient without either years of training or experience learnt as an assistant, to a greater or lesser degree. Also instant and online sharing has created a further outlet for nude images can be created, sent and shared without a moment’s hesitation. The study of exotic female art nudes in photography continues to be a popular art form with photographers (professional and amateur) today. Photographers are able to manipulate photographs in ways that the pre-digital pioneers could only dream about (be it technique or speed of process), thanks to digitisation and various popular photo edit suite programs that are within most photographers’ financial range. As photography continues to evolve, the art of photographing erotic art nudes will undoubtedly change as well, taking it to even greater heights. Already we are seeing packages that include not just photographs, but incorporate film, interviews, ‘how-to-modules’, interactive media.

Also today’s array of amateur erotic photography has grown thanks to camera phones, webcams and online sharing, and an abundance of willing models. There are many reasons why someone will undress for the camera to create erotic photos, and as with most things – time has moved on, for example, nude photos that would have been shocking in the 1940s are considered tame by today’s standards. So what makes a model? There are a variety of reasons, and the following list contains the majority of reasons, but certainly not all, as people of all ages, shapes and backgrounds are taking erotic self portraits;

students and women texting erotic portraits of themselves to boyfriends. This can be seen as almost part of today’s courtship ritual, and thus becoming ‘sexting’ (erotic text messages),

thirty something housewives/couples are posing semi-nude and naked for stylised “boudoir” photos, a simple act of youthful rebellion or fun for a woman to pose or model for nude photos,

maybe even to tick it off their ‘I’ve done it’ list, monetary, of course. Does anyone do it for their 15 minutes of fame (which is all so fleeting these days)? I suspect the true answer is no, as fame or infamy tends to happen when a spurned lover seeks revenge by openly posting sensitive photos on the net.

Finally, it can be harmless fun to pose nude for whatever reason, but always remember when trusts and friendships are broken, the gloves are off and your erotic photos may end up online.

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