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8 Tips and How to Create Good Articles

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For every blogger who is also a writer, creating quality articles and writing is the thing to do. It is not easy to write an article that has a high quality to people or visitors to your blog interested to read it, therefore you can use the author through buy essay at EssayOnlineStore. But when we are able to create quality posts in an article, then the positive impact that you definitely get is your blog or website will have many visitors.
Unknowingly, writing articles when viewed in terms of seo, writing is the most important thing in seo optimization on page. Since the one in the google review to place a page on the top recruitment in serp is the quality of content or articles that conform to google standards and ratings. To learn more about writing good and correct articles, you can see them through study tips and tricks.
Just like when we’re in a seo contest, I just say seo contest is going on now like the best seo and internet marketing courses. In my opinion, one of the main factors why a blog or website that participated in the seo contest got the main position in the serp and became the winner of the contest is, that the writing he wrote in a contested article has a good quality according to google penalization, and Reinforced by quality backlinks from sites and dofollow forums.
How to Create Good Articles and Articles
As mentioned above, one of the ways in attracting and increasing your blog or website visitors is by writing articles that are informative, educative and so on. There are many variations on good writing criteria, because they depend on the type of writing itself, whether fiction or non-fiction, scientific or popular, romance or not, and so on. Here I will present some tips and how you can read below.
Related to this, we try to give some tips that are general to our writing quality. The tips we provide below are tips for writing articles not for news writing. These tips include:
1. The writing reveals new things. For that use search facilities (searching), keywords, and topics, available on a particular site, to check whether the idea on the article we want to arrange an idea that has been poured by others or not. These facilities can also be used to develop ideas or thoughts that already exist.
2. The writing is true and complete. Writing should not be too sensational, but also must contain elements of truth, complete, and factual (factual).
3. Writing is an original opinion or idea. The writing should contain a clear idea. Writing is the original opinion of the author. If there are thoughts or ideas of others in writing, mention the person’s name or source.
4. The writing is evocative. Posts contain inspiration, invite positive things, and improve the morality of readers.
5. The article contains a topic that is special or related to the interests of the people.
6. Posts concerning major events that have the potential to be read.
7. Posts concerning famous people, so invite people to read your writing.
8. The writing uses a good language. In addition, the paper notes good technical writings, such as paying attention to Improved Spelling, using words or terms in accordance with the Big Language Dictionary, and the body of the paragraph is not too fat that makes the reader tired.
Hopefully what I say can be useful.

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