October 2, 2023


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5 Questions You MUST Ask a Criminal Lawyer Before Hiring Them

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Five things to ask a criminal lawyer before hiring them | Stary Norton  Halphen

If you’re in need of a criminal lawyer, it’s important to have a clear picture of what you should expect from your attorney before you hire them. There are several questions you should ask criminal lawyers in Sydney before hiring them, from how many years they’ve been practising to whether they have ever won an acquittal or dismissal. These five questions are designed to help you gain that perspective, so you can make an informed decision about who represents you in court.

  1. What Experience Do You Have With Cases Like Mine?

It is important to ask the lawyer you are interviewing about their experience with cases like yours. The more knowledgeable they are, the better they will be able to represent your interests in court. They will know how to handle your case from start to finish and make sure that all bases are covered. If not, then they will be able to refer you to someone who does.

  1. How Often Do You Go to Trial?

Good criminal lawyers in Sydney will go to trial if it’s the best way to get their clients the ideal outcome. A lawyer who never goes to trial is either inexperienced or doesn’t care about winning, and that can be a problem when you’re looking for someone who will take your case all the way through, even if that means going to trial. Asking this question will help determine how committed they are.

  1. What Are the Possible Penalties for My Case?

The type of crime you are charged with, the severity of the crime, and your criminal record will help determine what penalties you may face. A good lawyer can tell you what to expect from the court system when it comes to sentencing so that you know how to prepare yourself for your eventual punishment.

  1. What Are Your Success Rates?

Success rates are an important question to ask your criminal lawyer because it will tell you how often the attorney has been successful in their past cases. Different attorneys have different success rates, so it’s important to find out what the lawyer’s rate is. It’s ideal to look for a lawyer with an excellent track record of winning cases.

  1. What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for My Case?

Competent criminal defence lawyers in Sydney would want you to provide any and all details of the case. The more information they have, the more informed your defence will be. This includes anything from what happened on the day of the incident to what type of drugs were in your system at the time. Your lawyer will also ask if you have any medical or mental health history and if there is anything else that could potentially be used against you in court.

It’s important to feel confident about a lawyer’s abilities and professionalism as you move forward with your case. Asking the questions mentioned above will help narrow down your choices and choose one of the top criminal law firms in Sydney that can bring about the best possible outcome for you.


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