December 7, 2023


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5 Law School Books Every Law Student (and Future Attorney) Should Own

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Some of the most special people in this world choose to become lawyers. Only those who are driven and have a never-ending thirst for knowledge and self-improvement fit the bill. The content we’re providing today will show you how to build up your legal knowledge so that you can excel in all things pertaining to law school, but remember even when it comes to studying law school books, there’s just no way in which someone can achieve a truly complete understanding of such a complex subject during one lifetime!

Law school books

As a law student you are required to have a certain set of practicing books that will be used in your first year of law school books. You can find these books by visiting the school bookstore’s website. They will be required for each class you take as well as what is known as supplementary reading material, which are other prescribed books that should be read besides those classes.

Law School Confidential

If you are planning to attend law school, it is in your best interest that you be aware of how the process works. With any profession, one has to expect a certain amount of dedication. Whether mental or physical, becoming a lawyer isn’t an easy task. The first thing you should account for is discipline. One must have the means and motivation to move forward no matter what…even when things feel discouraging or overwhelming . Most students agree that getting through law school requires time and effort on their part. Some even compare it to having a second job on top of the one they already have! They find themselves reading and doing homework way into the wee hours of the night. Sometimes they even say that law school can be boring if you don’t look at it in a positive light (doctors, lawyers and other professionals who work in mental fields might just LOOOOVE being bored by tedious tasks!

Elements of Style

‘Elements of Style’ is a classic guide to English composition. First published in 1918, it has been revised and expanded by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White. The book provides little information about style and form, but rather focuses on the need to express one’s thoughts clearly and simply, with clarity and conciseness. It is a famous guide to the use of language in English. It talks about the basics of sentence structure and grammar. The book also offers a set of rules for the use of commas, semi-colons and dashes. The Elements of Style is considered to be an influential guide to the art of writing in English.

Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation

The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation , commonly known as the Bluebook (for the color of its cover), is a style guide to legal citation in the United States. It is widely followed in legal writing in the U.S. court system, other common-law countries, and in legal citation in general. The Bluebook was first published in 1958. The entire Bluebook is currently in the bluebook 21st edition. The Bluebook contains rules and recommendations pertaining to legal citation, style, and the format of legal works. It is published by the Harvard Law Review Association, Inc.

Black’s Law Dictionary

It’s important as a business owner or manager to know the appropriate jargon one may need for specialized venture-related legal matters that may arise. The comprehensive Black’s Law Dictionary, 21st edition is published by the West Publishing Company and can be a helpful tool when it comes time to learn more about the layman aspects of legalese. Currently in its 22nd edition, there have been many iterations throughout years of revisions, which means frequent publication and new content to keep pace with ever-changing law terminology.

Constitutional Law

The United States’ Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It’s basically a document that specifies a few key themes in relation to what citizens can and cannot do while still maintaining their conformity with historical founding principles. During July 1988, Constitutional Convention representatives gathered together in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to draft this handbook for US citizens in order to repeal previous governing documents.


Textbooks in law school should be treated like the food you’ll need on a camping trip. They might be a little tougher to prepare but they help keep you going even when things aren’t always easy. You’re required to bring a handful of textbooks with you and you may have to purchase them from the university bookstore, usually at full price. However, over time some of them will steal your heart while others become very annoying companions that you really wish would just go away. The best gift one can give yourself is buying used copies or borrowing books from the library so that at least those annoying ones won’t cost you anything more than their weight in ink. | Newsphere by AF themes.