September 21, 2023


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5 Examples Of Political Behaviors, Which Make Little Sense!

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How often, have you wondered, and been, at least, somewhat – concerned, about the behaviors, actions, rhetoric, and apparent priorities, of, some of the people, we elect, supposedly, to serve and represent us? Why do we, so – often, allow this type of behavior, which, seems to lack, any, true, common sense? Unfortunately, we often, observe, what seems, logical, becomes the rarest of qualities, actions, and behaviors, etc! Although, American politics, has, nearly – always, been partisan, in recent times, we’ve experienced, very little, accomplished, by elected officials, largely, because, it seems, there’s no attempt, to seek, a viable, necessary, meeting – of – the – minds, even, when, the common good, would benefit, if there was! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 example, we often, observe.

1. Oppose massive infrastructure focus/ emphasis, even though, the vast majority, support it: Perhaps, from a political perspective, certain, partisan behaviors, may, make sense, because, someone, perceives, it benefits their personal/ political agenda! However, when polls/ surveys, etc, clearly, indicate, the vast majority, of Americans, favor something, and, these politicians, seem, to, continue, creating obstacles, it makes, very little, apparent, common sense! The reality is, this nation, needs significant upgrades, regarding, its infrastructure, sooner, rather than later, if we are, to avoid, an inevitable catastrophe/ disaster!

2. Non – sensible responses, to COVID: Wouldn’t it make sense, to listen to, and follow the suggestions, of the vast majority of public health experts, when it came to this horrific pandemic, etc? However, from the onset, former President Trump, first – denied it, then called it a hoax, and claimed he knew more than the experts, and his core supporters, followed him! Even, today, after, over 3 million Americans, have been infected, and over 560, 000, have lost their lives, we still witness, many, making, false claims, about the supposed dangers, and claiming, the is no need, for taking a vaccination, and wearing a mask! How can this, make any sense?

3. Favor the 1%: The 2017 tax reform, was promoted, as benefiting, the middle – class, but, the reality was, it predominantly, helped the wealthiest individuals, and largest corporations. However, the Republican Party, continues, claiming, they are the party, of the people, even though, many don’t benefit, from their approached? Why would so – many, continue, buying – into, this fantasy, and supporting, elected officials, who clearly, favor the 1%, and not, most of the rest, of us?

4. Trickle – down fantasies/ economics: Many continue, applauding, the late, President Ronald Reagan, seeming to believe, his economic policies, helped them! However, in reality, trickle – down economics, has been a fantasy, and has never, in the longer – run, helped most people!

5. No sane gun safety: Although, it is true, guns don’t kill people, it is, people with guns, who do! We register cars, license drivers, and a variety of occupations, but, some, falsely claim, their Second Amendment rights, provide them, with massive freedoms, when it comes to gun ownership! Even, after, all the gun – related death, and mass shootings, we continue, seeing resistance, to sane gun control. Most people favor controls, even gun – owners, especially, registration, and background checks. Yet, some continue demanding their rights to own assault weapons. This makes little sense! How may more must die?

We can’t continue, expecting politicians, to proceed, with, what most of, us, consider, common sense. The fact is, common sense, may be, the rarest of entities!

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