4 reasons why you should hire a divorce lawyer to know all the divorce laws

If you meet with an accident, obviously you would not ask a child specialist to treat your broken bones.

Neither you would ask a mechanical engineer to design the structure of your house.

Similarly, when you are getting divorced in a city like Gurgaon, it is better to hire a divorce lawyer in Gurgaon, than approaching a general lawyer, who handles petty civil matters.

The doubt may arise what makes a divorce lawyer different from a civil lawyer when both of them have the same LL.B. degree, and the answer lies in the interest and experience of the lawyer you are hiring.

A lawyer, who has experience in handling and settling divorce matters successfully, can help you in the following four ways, which are explained here:

  • Your Case Is Different: Each and every case is different from another, and therefore, it is really important for the divorce lawyer to analyze the situation and the circumstances of your case in particular.
    The divorce lawyer is well versed with the latest judgements, ruling, amendments etc. regarding divorce and family matters, they know which are the rights available to you, and which regulation shall be followed in your matter.
    After a keen analysis of the matter, when the Court will hear the case, the divorce lawyer will be quick and convincing to the court seeking a judgement or order in your favour.

  • Counter The Opponent: As it is explained before that the divorce lawyer is well versed with the latest updates and rights available to you in your case, will be eligible to argue with the opposition lawyer with the support of well-researched regulations and judgements of Supreme Court and the High Court, to convince the Court that your side has a stronger viewpoint.

  • Does Not Give You False Hope: It is a well-known fact now that the wives who are earning by themselves are not eligible to claim for maintenance, but the true fact is that it is not absolute. Similar provisions which are subject to certain conditions are only understood and realized by the divorce lawyers only.
    Therefore, while they analyse your case, they make you well aware of the rights and duties that are applicable to you, and if there is any adverse situation, they make you aware of it.

  • Takes Care Of Post-Divorce Hurdles: On a general sense, divorce is the end of a relationship or marriage, but under certain situations, new facts to be considered comes up, after the order has been passed by the Court.
    If the spouse getting the alimony, gets into a romantic relationship with another person, then the ex-spouse paying the alimony amount is not liable to carry the cost anymore. In this similar or different kind of events, the divorce lawyer who handled your case shall realize the whole situation and bring it in the attention of the Court and file for an appeal against the order or for reconsideration.

There is a common saying that ‘trust the expert’ and divorce is no exception. Divorce is a life turning event, result of several ups and down in a relationship, therefore it is better to let a divorce lawyer handle the legal proceedings so that the tension of the stressful marriage does not cast its shadow on your future happiness.