3 Road Hazards You Can Expect This Fall

You may be looking forward to the fall’s unique features, such as the slightly cooler weather, falling leaves or the football season. But this is also a transitional period for the weather, which brings potential dangers to the roads. If you are a person who drives often and wants to avoid involving yourself with a boston injury lawyer or an auto insurance company, be aware of the following fall road hazards.

Rain and Floods

As the weather gets cooler, you can expect condensation to manifest as heavy rain, flooding and other precipitation forms. Expect to see plenty of excess water until November. Ensure that your wipers and lights are working well to avoid obstructive rain. Avoid driving through flooded roads or large bodies of water and use another road. Even six inches of water can make you lose control of your vehicle.

Unpredictable Weather Shifts

Because fall serves as a transition from summer to winter, you can expect plenty of unpredictable weather changes. It can shift from sunny and warm to cloudy and cool to rainy in an instant. As you drive, you should try to adapt to changing conditions and come prepared with the right tools and resources. You can also stay ahead of the weather by paying attention to forecasts from television, radio or online resources. However, remember that they can also shift as more information emerges.

Diminished Visibility

Several factors will affect your visibility during autumn. Beyond stronger rain impairing your vision, you may also have to encounter fog in the morning, diminishing your sight. The days are also shorter, so you will drive through darkness more often. Use your headlights, pay close attention to the road and obey signs warning you about children or animal crossings, as these may be difficult to see during this time.

The fluid fall weather can make driving difficult for you. Prepare ahead of time and drive carefully to avoid accidents and injuries to yourself and others.