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Month: January 2020

Top 4 Natural Solutions to Reduce Stress

Top 4 Natural Solutions to Reduce Stress

Considered as one of the evils of our century, stress affects more and more of us. This natural reaction which appears following a particular situation, often dangerous, can have repercussions on our physical and mental health. To prevent it and regain complete well-being, you can fortunately count on these very effective natural anti-stress remedies.

Breathing Techniques that Reduce Stress

Breathing is one of the first symptoms of stress. When it accelerates, it causes a knot in your stomach. To relax, it is therefore very interesting to work on your breathing. Start by adopting the right posture (straight back, aligned pelvis and slightly lowered shoulders). Now, you can perform breathing exercises to reduce stress naturally. In addition to being very powerful in relieving stress and anxiety, breathing exercises can be performed everywhere. The most effective ones are intermittent breathing, alternate breathing and coherence cardiac.

Sleep Well to Avoid and Relieve Stress

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