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Accidents and personal injury: Know your rights

Accidents and personal injury: Know your rights

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Workplace safety has always been a major concern in the United States and one that has been on the radar of personal injury attorneys Virginia Beach.

There’s a very good reason for it too because it provides employers with an idea of how to keep workers safe in the workplace.

In 2017, workplace accidents have been the third leading cause of death in the United States which made up 6% of all deaths for the year. Estimates placed the number at 169,936 people who died from unintentional injuries, with the highest death rates for people aged 75 and older.

The most common types of personal injuries that made up the number involved car or motor accidents, falls, and poisonings.

Are there rights to those injured in the workplace?

You might wonder if those who composed the number of deaths has been properly compensated or their families provided appropriate claims … Read More

The vital role of AI in online security

The vital role of AI in online security

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The world is traveling fast, thanks to technology making everything move at lightning speed and making everything more convenient and easy for everyone.

However, it is not without its dangers and risks especially since most people are putting their reliance and dependence on technology in terms of personal and private information. But are you aware that cybercrime can also lead to personal injury?

The answer is yes, and you might be surprised if a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer would tell you that a recent study revealed that 41% of companies throughout the United States possess more than 1,000 sensitive data, including health records and credit card numbers that are stored unprotected?

What’s more disturbing is that based on a recent report, the healthcare industry had the highest number of ransomware attacks in 2018 and is expected to increase four-fold by 2020.

Imagine if those health data got into the … Read More

Reasons Why You May Require a Solicitor

Reasons Why You May Require a Solicitor

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There are many reasons why you could require a solicitor. These include if you are being sued or are suing an individual or organization, if you have been accused of a criminal offense, if you are going through a divorce, or if you run a business.

If you are being sued then the seriousness and therefore whether you require a solicitor varies depending on the nature of the legal suit. Winning or losing the case can potentially make a large financial difference. If you are the one planning to sue then the first step should be to consult a solicitor who will be able to advise as to whether you have a case. If you don’t then you would have been prevented from wasting your time and money. If you do have a case then the solicitor can then advise you as to the best way forward and assist you … Read More

3 Road Hazards You Can Expect This Fall

3 Road Hazards You Can Expect This Fall

You may be looking forward to the fall’s unique features, such as the slightly cooler weather, falling leaves or the football season. But this is also a transitional period for the weather, which brings potential dangers to the roads. If you are a person who drives often and wants to avoid involving yourself with a boston injury lawyer or an auto insurance company, be aware of the following fall road hazards.

Rain and Floods

As the weather gets cooler, you can expect condensation to manifest as heavy rain, flooding and other precipitation forms. Expect to see plenty of excess water until November. Ensure that your wipers and lights are working well to avoid obstructive rain. Avoid driving through flooded roads or large bodies of water and use another road. Even six inches of water can make you lose control of your vehicle.

Unpredictable Weather Shifts

Because fall serves as a

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Grey Divorces – The New Phenomenon

Grey Divorces – The New Phenomenon

Divorces can be traumatizing, and your family, friends, and children may not understand the need for the separation, no matter when it occurs. However, when you choose to divorce after the age of 50, it is considered a ‘grey divorce’ and can become a challenge for everyone involved. Research is showing that the number of people seeking divorce after the age of 50 has risen dramatically in the past two decades, and it is expected to double in the future. As with all new phenomenon, the grey divorces are just now being studied, but there are a few things researchers have discovered about the new wave of divorces that you may want to know.


Older folks don’t necessarily divorce for the same reasons younger couples do. In fact, many ‘grey’ couples seek a divorce from a family attorney Tampa because of a need to move forward in life, after … Read More